About Us

About Us

Lovevice is a passion portal dedicated to showcasing intentional and conscious-based travel experiences, from boutique to off-the-beaten, from shamanic to socially responsible.

We started Lovevice because we believe travel can be different. We think it can be more fulfilling and more intentional than ticking items off a Bucket List. We want you to be inspired to put on your seeker sneakers and curiosity cape so you too can find the joy in cracking further through the concrete of cities to reach the seeds buried in the soil, unearthing the people who sewed them.

Our mission is to promote intentional and meaningful travel experiences to facilitate self-awareness, growth and a balanced lifestyle. We take the practical offering you travel tips, infuse it with the spiritual facilitating self-growth and we sprinkle on some playful fairy-dust because the serious-sphere can get real linear at times.

Meet the Founder

Din Dins (the Cambodian version of Christine gifted by her parents and big bro) was born and raised on the beaches of Sydney, Australia. Curiosity for adventure seeped into her veins at the tender age of six months when her mother took her overseas for the first time. From then on, travel became her vice.

When she was old enough to understand that money didn’t grow on trees, she decided to get a job in the serious-sphere as a Digital Marketer to feed her love of journeying to lands near and far. A quarter of a Saturn’s return later, she got booted from her serious job around the same time she wanted to live overseas. Rather than bring shame to her family for not having a job, Din Dins booked a one way ticket overseas to prove to her family she could get serious in the rat race.

However, when she was ready to get gritty in the concrete city of NYC, the Universe threw her a car which hit her and led her to recovering in South America. Since that accident (or miracle), she has yet to return back to the serious-sphere.

Din Dins now lives in Phnom Penh, Cambodia unlearning everything she knew about trees and making new discoveries that money can grow on trees.


What Lovevice means

Initially, we wanted to incorporate our favourite word moist, but felt that may be too offensive for some.  (Do an online search for most hated words).

Instead, we married the next two words we could think of in that moment, love and vice. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines these two words as:

verb \ˈləv\
To take pleasure in. Devotion.


An imperfection or defect. A failing.

Lovevice empowers you to love your vice. To desire your undesirable. To take those outer experiences as an opportunity to reflect on your inner journey. We believe each of your vices contains a unique message waiting for you to unveil. It is through these failings and wounds that we may discover the hidden treasure which may be passed along as wisdom for our future selves.

What vibrational residue are you leaving on this earth when you die?

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